FEBIC LAC in  Synodality.  A new time.

«The Latin American and Caribbean Church is living an absolutely significant moment, which is like a palpable manifestation of the presence of the Spirit, which is generating a renewal process, starting from and for the Ecclesial Assembly, in view of the Synod of Bishops, to be held in 2023.

The novelty of this process which we have engaged in and that concluded on August 30, a time of LISTENING to the people of God seeking the broad participation of all the faithful, will now be systematized to prepare a working document, which will be the basis for the Ecclesial Assembly to be held in November of this year, here in Mexico City.

Meetings of all kinds are part of the methodology and praxis of the Church, but from the speech of Pope Francis, on the occasion of the Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the institution of the Synod of Bishops, on October 17, 2015, an absolutely new time has begun, both for what it implies and for everything that has been generated since then, although this is only the beginning. On that occasion, the Pope has made an affirmation that is totally changing the pastoral approaches, because he has said: “… THE ROUTE OF SYNODALITY IS THE ROUTE THAT GOD EXPECTS FROM THE CHURCH OF THE THIRD MILLENNIUM…”. The Pope emphasized this perspective saying that: «… SYNODALITY, as a constitutive dimension of the Church, offers us the most adequate interpretive framework, to understand the same hierarchical ministry …, since CHURCH and SYNOD ARE SYNONYMS …». This new approach and the new way of relationship with the people of God is aimed at listening to what God is saying to the whole Church through the faithful people, in order to know how to recognize the voice of the Spirit that manifests his will to the whole Church. Even this, which would be relatively easy to find elements that justify this resource, Pope Francis clarifies: “… walking together — laity, pastors, Bishop of Rome — is an easy concept to express with words, but it is not so easy to put it into practice…».

What was said in 2015, is being implemented today in view of the Ecclesial Assembly.  As already mentioned, there was a TIME OF LISTENING, and now we move on to the time of DISCERNMENT, from the elements that are raised– ALL, SOME , ONE. All the faithful people were invited to give their opinion freely, participating in thematic forums, through a platform, where whoever wanted had the opportunity to make their voice heard. Now, SOME, –the bishops–will reflect on what was said, and this said participation will be taken to the Synod of Bishops, where together with the Successor of Peter, visible head of the Church (ONE), they will reflect in order to provide a document that helps the whole Church appreciate what it means to live in a SYNODAL CHURCH.

This issue of SYNODALITY, which is being the great newness of the Spirit at the beginning of this millennium, with new theological and pastoral approaches, cannot go unnoticed by the Catholic Biblical Federation, at least for FEBIC LAC, since we are facing a new way of living our faith and thus becoming involved in the life and mission of the Church. Something like this, for us who are FEDERATION (where we all have a voice and participation), synodality, would become the normal and usual way of acting and relating, as an attitude to share and seek together the ways of the Spirit.

For this reason, now that we are beginning September: BIBLE MONTH, we invite all the members of FEBIC LAC and those who throb with the biblical theme, to meet on September 30, as a participation in the Ecclesial Assembly in view of the X Plenary Assembly of the CBF, to meet, to reflect and consider how the SYNODALITY that Pope Francis proposes to the whole Church, can give new spirit to FEBIC LAC. Without a doubt, it is a subject that fills us with joy and enthusiasm, since we can enrich ourselves with the gifts and talents of each member, to further strengthen the mission and role that FEBIC LAC has in our continent. It will be of immense wealth to listen to each other and share, to meet with each other at least virtually, in view of meeting face to face. For this reason, I reiterate the invitation, to join us  on September 30, the feast of Saint Jerome, and thus immerse ourselves in this new way of being and acting, such as SYNODALITY, to conclude with the celebrations of the Month of the Bible and open a preparatory path towards the Plenary Assembly, where Latin America could play a leading role.

Expressing my best wishes for this month that is already full of events and meetings, of initiatives that reflect the passion that is manifested in those of us who work with the written Word of the Lord, I ask the Lord that we may all feel renewed and transformed by the vivifying action of the Holy Spirit, who is leading the Church along paths of greater fulfillment.  Hopefully that will also happen in FEBIC LAC.»

Fr. Lic. Jesús Antonio Weisensee H.

FEBIC LAC Coordinator

September. Month of the Bible. 2021

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