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La Biblia en Pakistán: Una Palabra esperada y eficaz.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) spoke to Father Emmanuel Asi, executive director of the Catholic Bible Commission of Pakistan, about the situation of Christians in his country, and his apostolate in Pakistan. Father Asi is a priest in the Archdiocese of Lahore and spoke about the sacred nature of the Bible for the […]
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La réforme de la Curie romaine, vue par le cardinal Tagle [VIDEO]

EE.UU.: Vatican officials in U.S to study alleged miracles in Father Tolton’s cause

Augustus Tolton devoted himself to serving God by making his life a living example of God’s words.


Every time two people understand each other and forgive each other, it is Christmas. Every time you show patience, it is Christmas. Every time you help a person, it is Christmas. Every time someone tries to be honest in in anything they do, it is Christmas. Every time a child is born, it’s Christmas Every time a senior citizen is […]
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ABP Best practices: CBF Antilles Zone

ABP, (Animacion Biblica de la Pastoral) Biblical Animation of all Pastoral Life, was adopted by the Antilles Episcopal Conference in early 2011 in response to Pope Benedict XVI in the Post Synodal Exhortation on the Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church. In this short video, the CBF zonal coordinator for […]
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FEBIC LAC realiza Encuentro virtual sobre Sinodalidad.

Msgr. William John-Lewis El 30 de septiembre, Fiesta de San Jerónimo, con motivo de la Fiesta y Clausura del Mes de la Biblia, FEBIC LAC, (Federación Bíblica Latinoamericana y Caribena) celebró una Encuentro virtual con el tema: Sinodalidad. Entre los cuarenta y nueve (49) participantes de varios condados de América del Sur, Panamá, México, Costa […]
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FEBIC LAC holds virtual Encounter on Synodality

Msgr. William John-Lewis On the 30th of September, the Feast of St. Jerome, to mark both the Feast and the Closing of the Month of the Bible, FEBIC LAC, (Federacion Biblica  Latinoamericana y Caribena – The Biblical Federation of Latin America and the Caribbean) held a virtual Encounter with the theme:  Synodality. Among the forty-nine […]
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FEBIC LAC en SINODALIDAD [video - English & Español]

El 30 de setiembre 2021, hemos tenido el encuentro de FEBIC LAC en SINODALIDAD, donde en la convocatoria proponíamos: “…nos encontramos y nos reunimos, charlamos, conversamos, nos escuchamos y buscamos ver lo que Dios está diciendo a toda la FEBIC LAC…”. Esto lo hicimos y así hemos profundizado en lo que es la propuesta del […]
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FEBIC LAC meeting on SINODALIDAD [video - English & Español]

We have had the FEBIC LAC meeting on SINODALIDAD, where in the call we proposed that: “… we meet, we chat, we talk, we listen to each other and we seek to see what God is saying to the entire FEBIC LAC…”. We did this and thus we have deepened the proposal of Pope Francis […]
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SINODALITY – Listening, by all and among all.

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When: Sept. 30 2021 08:00 p. m. Buenos Aires, Georgetown

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