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No one call ‘Father’. (Matthew. 23.9)

It is perhaps time for the dangers inherent in the use of ‘father’ as a form of address to be taken seriously. by Anne Inman According to Matthew’s Gospel, there is a word which Jesus, told us, his followers, not to use to address anyone on earth: that word is ‘father’. (Mt. 23.9)  Yet in […]
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Apostles to the Apostles

By Mike James for the Catholic Standard of Guyana

This last week, on Monday 22 July the Church celebrated the Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene. While most liturgical celebrations of individual saints during the year are known formally as memorials, those classified as feasts are reserved for important events in Christian history and for saints of particular significance, such as the Twelve Apostles. Three years ago, Pope Francis took the very significant step of raising the celebration of St. Mary Magdalene to that level of significance given to the Apostles. The word apostle comes from the Greek meaning “One who is sent”

Pope Francis´ decree giving Mary Magdalene his great honour was entitled “The Apostle of the Apostles” in recognition of Mary Magdalene’s role as the very first person to witness Christ’s resurrection and as a “true and authentic evangelizer,”

Culminó con gran éxito el Congreso Internacional de Estudios Bíblicos

Ver la noticia en el blog de la Animación Biblica de la Conferencia Episcopal ArgentinA:

Bible shortage? Publishers say tariffs could cause it

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Religious publishers say President Donald Trump’s most recent proposed tariffs on Chinese imports could result in a Bible shortage. That’s because millions of Bibles — some estimates put it at 150 million or more — are printed in China each year. Critics of a proposed tariff say it would make the […]
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Broad Street Methodist Church hosts Bible Month in Spalding

Spalding’s Broad Street Methodist Church shared “the Good News” with visitors and passers-by for the month of June. The church was part of Bible Month, a campaign led by the Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust charity encouraging churches to spend the month focusing on a single book of the Bible. Church member Yvonne Achurch […]
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CBF International Biblical Congress: Evaluation

Dear participants of the Congress, receive a cordial greeting from the General Secretariat of the Catholic Biblical Federation. We ask you to help us evaluate the Congress that we just celebrated in Rome. We ask you to dedicate 15 minutes to fill out the evaluation form. Your appreciation will help us evaluate the Congress and […]
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CIEB: Los pioneros de la exégesis en América Latina. Puntos de interés y mirada crítica

Con ocasión de cumplirse los 80 años de la Revista Bíblica, la “Asociación Bíblica Argentina” (ABA) y los Consejos Editoriales de la Revista, junto con la “Asociación Brasileira de Pesquisa Bíblica” (ABIB), la Asociación Bíblica Chilena (ABCh), la Asociación de Biblistas de México y varios colegas de distintos países latinoamericanos y de los Estados Unidos, hemos organizado un “Congreso Internacional de Estudios Bíblicos”

United in God’s Mission

Friends of the Catholic Biblical Federation will participate in “United in God’s Mission” event in San Diego, CA. This  special one day event on June 4, 2019 will have a Lunch for a Cause and Dinner for a Cause, to benefit the Friends of the Catholic Biblical Federation. The other beneficiary is Friends of the Collegio, whose mission is to support student […]
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CELAM: Church in Our Region at Crossroads

Lat week´s Catholic Standard reported that at its recent Assembly in Honduras 13-18 May, CELAM, Conference of 22 Episcopal Conferences from Latin America and the Caribbean, including the AEC, identified major crises facing countries in a region that accounts for more than half the world´s Roman Catholics.

Happy Easter! ¡Feliz Pascua! Joyeuses Pâques! Frohe Ostern!

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