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Irish bishops publish pastoral letter for ‘Sunday of the Word of God'

The Bishop of Ossory in Ireland releases a pastoral letter looking ahead to the coming “Sunday of the Word of God” in which he offers a series of reflections and suggestions that aim to help the faithful mark the observance in the best possible way.

Domingo da Palavra de Deus – Sunday of the Word of God – Domingo de la Palabra de Dios – Dimanche de la Parole de Dieu

Sunday of the Word of God – Domingo de la Palabra de Dios – Dimanche de la Parole de Dieu – Sonntag des Wortes Gottes – Domingo da Palavra de Deus – Niedziela Słowa Bożego Sunday of the Word of God The official Logo, Poster and other materials in English for the Sunday of the […]
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Año de la Palabra – Invitación del cardenal Tagle, Presidente de la FEBIC

Año de la Palabra de Dios – Invitación del cardenal Luis Antonio Tagle, Presidente de la FEBIC Ver más:

CBF: Year of the Word of God

Catholic Biblical Federation ● Fédération Biblique Catholique • Federación Biblica Católica● Katholische Bibelföderation 2020  — THE YEAR OF THE WORD OF GOD “The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Catholic Biblical Federation.  The year 2020 marks the 1600th anniversary of the death of St. Jerome, the great translator of the Bible… The happy coincidence of these two […]
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The Antilles and the Caribbean: Proposals for “The Year of the Word”

I am Monsignor William John-Lewis the zonal representative of the Catholic Biblical Federation. On 21 January this year, Cardinal Tagle, the President of the Catholic Biblical Federation invites the entire membership of the Federation to celebrate the Year of the Word of God beginning on the First Sunday of Advent this year, 2019 and ending […]
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Congreso 2019: Materiales del Congreso en español

Apreciados delegados y amigos de la Federación Bíblica Católica, reciban un cordial saludo desde el Secretariado General de la Federación Bíblica Católica. Materiales del Congreso en español En la página web del Congreso, en la Sección de Materiales, ya se encuentran todos los textos originales de las conferencias del Congreso. Por ahora sólo está el […]
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The Year of the Word of God #DeiVerbiAnnus

#DeiVerbiAnnus The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Catholic Biblical Federation. The year 2020 marks the 1600th anniversary of the death of Saint Jerome, the great translator of the Bible, who sought to render the Scriptures into the “common” everyday language of ordinary people, so to make the written Word […]
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“Biblia Ndinga ya Nzambi” (BIBLE WORD OF GOD)

10 Oct 2019 . Posted in CBF Afica Members After more than half a century of assiduous and corporate work, VERBUM BIBLE now presents the first edition of BIBLIA NDINGA YA NZAMBI. It means BIBLE WORD OF GOD in the language called “Kikongo ya leta”, one of the four national languages of D.R. Congo, spoken by more than 5 […]
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No one call ‘Father’. (Matthew. 23.9)

It is perhaps time for the dangers inherent in the use of ‘father’ as a form of address to be taken seriously. by Anne Inman According to Matthew’s Gospel, there is a word which Jesus, told us, his followers, not to use to address anyone on earth: that word is ‘father’. (Mt. 23.9)  Yet in […]
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Apostles to the Apostles

By Mike James for the Catholic Standard of Guyana

This last week, on Monday 22 July the Church celebrated the Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalene. While most liturgical celebrations of individual saints during the year are known formally as memorials, those classified as feasts are reserved for important events in Christian history and for saints of particular significance, such as the Twelve Apostles. Three years ago, Pope Francis took the very significant step of raising the celebration of St. Mary Magdalene to that level of significance given to the Apostles. The word apostle comes from the Greek meaning “One who is sent”

Pope Francis´ decree giving Mary Magdalene his great honour was entitled “The Apostle of the Apostles” in recognition of Mary Magdalene’s role as the very first person to witness Christ’s resurrection and as a “true and authentic evangelizer,”