New Coordinador FEBIC LAC Fr. Jesus Antonio Weisensee April 2018 Eng

Jesús Antonio Weisensee 1

Today, 24 April 2018 in Mexico City, Deacon Mike James, the outgoing coordinator of the FEBIC LAC, handed over the documents, the keys and the seal to Fr. Jesús Antonio Weisensee, new Coordinator of FEBIC LAC.

Ver Hitos de la FEBIC LAC

The work done by Mike is significant in all areas, our gratitude and recognition to him and Maria, his wife, who gave a special nuance to the service of  FEBIC-LAC on the way to celebrating its 50th anniversary.


Father Jesus Antonio assumes the post of taking FEBIC-LAC towards the celebration of its golden anniversary even more united, dynamic, participative and inclusive and especially in  living out the fullness what is ours, that is, the EXPLICIT PROCLAMATION OF SACRED SCRIPTURES, giving life and dynamism to the entire pastoral life of our continent.

Thanks to Mike and best wishes and a warm welcome and support for Jesus Antonio.


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