Meeting in Rome

ONE YEAR LATER, now in the Year of the Word of God

And the meeting in Rome, whether it likes it or not, has turned out well or has had its bumps, that Congress undoubtedly marks an era. On the one hand, due to the relevance of the celebration itself, perhaps it would have helped us to learn more about other regions, their stories and their evolution, as an African bishop well objected to the situation in Africa, that would also apply to Asia. or Russia or China, as some of what a dynamic presence of Scripture means in those places was briefly revealed, on the other hand, helped us realize that there is still much to build, and that the CBF still has much to do. give and there are still fields to be traveled, such as what was not implemented, such as the CBF, made up of members, one-person. This was pending.

Beyond the content of the commemorative Congress, the finishing touch was given by Pope Francis, who not only had the deference of receiving us, but also left us an absolutely significant legacy regarding being, the task, the mission and the identity of the CBF . The speech that he gave us, emphasizes the direction that the CBF should travel both as an institution, and in turn is an inspiration for its members. Pope Francis highlighted the essential reference between FE-LIFE, that is, we cannot exhaust our efforts only in theory or information, but this must necessarily have an impact on the existential approach, in such a way that the biblical does not end in the text, but necessarily echoes in the relationship with others.

Pope Francis to FEBIC

In this video we comment on something that will mark a stage in the life of the CBF, assessing the perspectives that Pope Francis leaves especially for the CBF. In this perspective, it emphasizes that the Bible has a force that is not centripetal-closed in on itself, but rather CENTRIFUGAL, energizing, renewing, revitalizing, both of concepts, experiences, structures, and attitudes, since the Word of the Lord is alive and effective, it is for Through it that the Lord manifests himself and proposes a vital existential relationship with Him. 

And after Rome, we continue to reflect, because what was not a goal, but a springboard, to project ourselves for what we are already living, now it is up to us, continue writing this story, so rich in experiences and mainly in proposals for renewal and transformation. Now tomorrow depends on us. 

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