ONE YEAR LATER, now in the Year of the Word of God.

Exactly one year ago we met many (those who were able to go) at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the CATHOLIC BIBLICAL FEDERATION (initially FEBICAM). It was an opportunity to meet some for the first time and to renew acquaintances with many. It was an instance that would have been very useful, if a space had been created in the programming to meet as FEBIC LAC, although there was no such opportunity, we were meeting «unofficially», and that is undoubtedly the main wealth these meetings of the Catholic Biblical Federation have, at least for us in FEBIC LAC, where beyond the institutional, we are friends.

Pbro. Lic. Jesús Antonio Weisensee Hetter
 Coordinador de FEBIC LAC

That time, beyond the pleasure of continuing to share illusions and initiatives, it helped us to realize that the FEBIC LAC in the history of the CBF has not been a passing wind or a straw fire, but as stated in three of the presentations, the FEBIC LAC marked the history of the CBF because ‘we have seen that not only was there reflection, but there were experiences’, which until today mark the history, and the biblical approach no longer only in Latin America and the Caribbean, but even beyond of our continent;  it is the mystery of the seed that is fertilized and fertile, where they want to receive it. That was one of the conclusions that we were able to hear at the CBF Commemorative Congress in Rome.

For that great event, with so many expectations, with so many hopes, with so much history at a cost, from the Coordination FEBIC LAC, we seek to motivate all the members, as they clearly state, we are more than a third of the members that the CBF has. . And so was the opportunity to review our history, our journey, our daring to challenge monotony and be generators of proposals with a style of Church gathered around the Word, wanting that word that generated life for millennia, today continues to generate increasingly experiential and transformative processes. 

That time before Rome, it was a time to enter the trunk of memories and experiences and realize that the FEBIC LAC was not a decorative figure in the reflection and pastoral proposal of Latin America for several decades, especially the 90 and 2000. This is because there were people of a unique value (often few recognized- which does not matter), but they have left their mark on the life of the communities and on the proposals that are still in force. In this way we elaborated some materials, which could leave the testimony of what was the years 80.90.2000 onwards, including a Synod of Bishops on the Word of God. We made some videos (also a booklet), which contain historical information, which do not expire, but will continue to be valid, because they are a related and documented history of the life of the FEBIC LAC, that history may be rewritten, but never denied.

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