La FEBIC prepara la asamblea plenaria en Argentina.

La FEBIC prepara la asamblea plenaria en Argentina.- SOBICAIN

For the Catholic Biblical Federation, 2023 will be the year of its tenth Plenary Assembly, which is planned to take place in April in the city of Mar del Plata in Argentina.

This Plenary Assembly, the first after the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Federation, must take quite seriously the situation of our planet as it attempts to free itself from the global corona virus pandemic, with all of the uncertainty and unpredictability that characterizes our world today.

In this context, the CBF Executive Committee has given the assembly the following theme: 

“Proclaiming the Word – Gift of Life for a Fragile World (Rom 8:22-23)”. 

We now enter the phase of the immediate preparation of this Assembly.

Before the delegates of the 345 institutions affiliated to the CBF from some 126 countries around the world meet in Mar del Plata, we must identify, each member institution in its specific context and circumstances, our most important challenges in Biblical Pastoral Ministry for the coming years.

During the Assembly we shall share these challenges with each other and seek ways and means of addressing them in common.

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