CER – Mexico 2018: FEBIC LAC Final Message

CER – Mexico 2018: Final Message

Published by FEBIC-LAC


To each and every member of FEBIC LAC

            “… the Word of God is alive and effective …” Heb 4,12

A cordial greeting from the entire Regional Executive Committee of FEBIC LAC who have met in Mexico City,  and who, after having seen, reflected on and assessed our identity and the role we have, and having realized that the FEBIC has among its initiators a  Saint such as Saint Paul VI, and that it is the result of the inspiration of Vatican II, as if it were a beloved daughter of the Dei Verbum, we consider it  a gift and a grace to be part of this great family. We take this opportunity to express our closeness and the pleasure of participating in this fascinating project that FEBIC LAC is.

We value and recognize that FEBIC LAC has a role and a mission in today’s Latin American and Caribbean Church, in an increasingly challenging and questioning social context, transmitting the style of the Lord Jesus, as did the new Saint, Bishop Romero. Thus we feel that we are messengers of the proclamation of salvation through the Holy Scriptures, which continue to be valid, current and transforming, since they are words of eternal life.

In thanking God for the gift that this signifies, and all that is implied in working with what is both source of life and personal and social transformation, and at the same time, style and mission, we express our most sincere LONGING and deep desire for closer ties, as we feel  more deeply that we are participants and protagonists of the dream of God, sharing both who we are and what we do, with joy and gladness in an eloquent and convincing testimony.

God wants us to feel part of this great family that is the FEBIC LAC, and therefore, inspired and motivated by the richness of each one’s experiences we can express with even more energy and enthusiasm, the vitality and dynamism that  FEBIC has today , on the eve of the celebration of its 50 years of existence.

With an affectionate greeting, we ask the Morenita del Tepeyac, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Mother of the ever-living God, before whom we pray for all of FEBIC, so that she will always intercede for all of us and help us to live more radically what we announce, the words of her SON, seeking to bring to life what she kept in her heart and expressed  with gestures of love.

Wilma, Rebecca, Dom Jacinto, Ruben Dario, Jan, Eric, William, Jesus Antonio

Mexico City, 4 November, 2018


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