ZONAL COORDINATORS . Those we invite

People full of enthusiasm, dynamism and good will, who feel and whose hearts throb with FEBIC LAC

[I like the difficult, I am attracted to the complicated, and I fall in love with the impossible]

After having the names that were sent us as possible regional coordinators of the FEBIC LAC, we started the contacts and consultations, looking at one and the other, wanting to invite them to get involved in this, which is a great space for participation and mutual enrichment, as is FEBIC LAC.

Before involving you in what has been done, an IMMENSE THANKS to all those who preceded us, to all those who have allowed us to arrive at this moment, with this dynamic and with this vitality. THANK YOU for having rebuilt the FEBIC LAC; for having given back to this meritorious institution the prestige it had in its time, and for having left its example of dedication and desire; for having opened doors and left the ground prepared to continue, and for continuing to  be the great biblical areopagus, where we meet those who have the fire generated by the Scriptures in our hearts. Thanks to everyone, for having left, not a grain of sand, but rather for having planted good foundations, which today we want to continue building on.

Now we have to continue,– continue building, continue contributing, keep dreaming dreams and continue demonstrating that FEBIC LAC is not just a name on the agenda, but is a space for meetings, ideas, projects, dreams, dynamism; where those who want, have a wide space to contribute their experiences, to spread enthusiasm, to open spaces of communion and participation; where there are no caciques or know-it-alls, but where we all contribute what we have, from our convictions and desires, wanting to make the Word of God nests in the hearts, and from there generate processes of abundant life in the Lord.

It is never easy to choose, but we have done it with certain criteria, aware that all the names that have reached us are totally capable. With so many capable people we have prioritized:

  • availability
  • capacity for teamwork
  • capacity for relationship and bonding (FEBIC LAC we do it together)
  • the will to get involved and to involve others
  • willingness and enthusiasm to add and contribute

By inviting the people who responded, we seek to propose an inclusive, participatory, proactive and proactive LAC FEBIC, where those of us who have some responsibility are not the protagonists, but rather those who are just trying to implement the dreams and raison d’etre (mission)  of the FEBIC. For this reason, we have thought of people who could SPARK NEW ENTHUSIAM in all the members (there are some who are a bit distant or drowsy, who are on the outside looking in). We look for a dynamic, participatory FEBIC LAC, where we would all have a voice and time, where we all feel responsible and involved.  As such, either we do it all together, or die by participatory starvation.

[In this company we are positive. Problems are challenges, not obstacles. We share the triumphs. We work as a team. We love what we do. We are proactive. We put ourselves in your place]

This, which in the past (fat cows), we did by means of meetings; now the conjunctural situation leads us to change our profile and require that our interactions be preferably DIGITAL. This will be the medium at our disposal to relate and thus participate, in this moment of transition, where we hope that we all value the scope of our movement and thus build new bonds of communion and communication.

Those we invite are people with talent, conviction, enthusiasm and dynamism, we think they can help FEBIC LAC to become more dynamic, to renew the enthusiasm and the dreams of former times. Naturally, each one of them has their commitments, but they have made a space within their obligations to HELP SERVING, giving their time, without pretending to be greater than anyone else, they want to add more duties and dedication to what they are already doing.

The people who will give us their talent to promote a more dynamic and participatory FEBIC LAC are:

Mexico and Central America: P. Eric Obaldía C.M. (Panama)


Andean Countries: Dra. Sra. Rebeca Cabrera (Venezuela)


Southern Cone: Wilma Mancuello González, m.i.c. (Paraguay)


Caribbean and Antilles: P. William John-Lewis (Dominica)


Each of them has expressed a sincere and generous willingness to collaborate for the good of all, to facilitate and promote a relationship and fluid and open communication, which generates links and promotes a more active participation of members in the FEBIC LAC. We intend to promote greater closeness and participation of all members, knowing that we are a FEDERATION and as such there are no owners, no caciques, no singing voice, but we are all involved with it.  Hence, the need to get INVOLVED and feel INVOLVED in both communication and participation; in being close to and supportive of communication.

As all of us who work in FEBIC LAC will understand, we do it out of passion and total disinterest, we have no remuneration. We do it because we are convinced that it is an instrument of the Spirit for the good of the Church. Hence, the urgent request, to support, encourage, and respond to the efforts we will make to energize and promote FEBIC LAC. Please, do not kill us with the silence or apathy of the non-response, with a silence that stuns the soul, which is like poking the balloon; but I ask you to be close to your coordinators and to create a bond of friendship, mutual support, openness and sincerity, since it is the only way we have to keep growing and not allow FEBIC LAC to go disappearing due to the lack of participation of the members or their becoming a hindrance. Therefore, a special request: support, encourage, be close to the zonal coordinators. They also do not profit from the new work, instead, they are assuming our dreams as their own. Know that we are willing and we want to give everything the best of ourselves. As they say around here, “… let’s make him want …”, let’s leave the best of ourselves in this new stage [of our existence]. It’s only three years and then others will come. For that reason, it’s worth leaving the best of ourselves so that FEBIC LAC may continue to grow and continue taking steps of animation, promotion and invigoration of the entire life of the Church. This is the task of everyone.

In thanking you again for the generosity you had in being close to this process, I strongly ask you, let us support each other, create a team, be a living and dynamic body, seeking the good of the whole Church. That is why I ask for your support and encouragement for the zonal coordinators and also that we are ready to live three years of intense and fluid communication, to enrich ourselves with the experiences and projects of each one.

[In order to be able to continue, sometimes you have to start over]

A special and sincere thanks to Father Ruben Dario Bergliaffa, who with technology and his immense heart, has facilitated contacts. All this, much to the credit of someone who is dedicated to and loves FEBIC LAC. Thank you.

May the Lord continue to give us the gift of his Spirit to be pioneers and bold promoters of a renewal according to the spirit and style that the Lord has left us in his written word. May this new time be one of grace and blessing for all.

With the firm confidence that we will be starting a new era in the FEBIC LAC, I am at your service and I look forward to your closeness.  May the Lord will do the rest.

P. Jesús Antonio Weisensee Hetter

Coordinador Subregional FEBIC LAC

Cidade de México. 13.Junio.2018



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