Dear :

As we know, God saves by choosing some personsfamily, people, to bring salvation to all men through them. 
The first historical important person chosen by God is Abraham. He is someone to whom the Lord will make His instrument, he will not have his own message, but he will be the one who will be guided to create a bond of closeness with Him and hence with His chosen people. 
In the Federation, where we want to have the style of God and thus be protagonists of His redemptive project, and after having elected the Regional Coordinator, we enter a second stage of which we are also part of it. 
For this we request you to give us some NAMES SUGGESTED for  a COORDINATOR in your ZONE: Southern Cone; The Andes; Central America and Mexico; and / or the Antilles and the Caribbean. (*)
For this process we consider the variety of proposals for the names of the people who will carry out the Biblical Animation of the Pastoral in your Zone and they will be part of the Regional team, together with the other Zone Coordinators and the Regional Coordinator. 
When we choose someone to lead the area, he should ANIMATE, ENTHUSIASM, VINCUE, PROMOTE, and be the voice of all members of the area. It is discernmentNOT a sum of votes. 
You can choose one that is not on the list, and / or one that does not belong to one of the institutions of FEBIC LAC, but especially that he may have the will and have the desire of energizing the entire area. 
It is our golden jubilee and ALL OF US must celebrate it, together, united. Today the Abrahams, the Moses, the Samuels, etc., can be available, immersed in their multiple tasks, we simply will invite them, commit them and involve them. 
Let’s help the FEBIC LAC to continue being the most committed in front of everyone, being the voice of all the members. 


Mexico City, May, 14th, 2018. 
(*) Deadline for receipt of forms: May 28


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