Process for Appointment of New Regional Coordinator FEBIC-LAC

“Dear representatives of Members of the Catholic Biblical Federation in the Latin America and Caribbean Region (FEBIC-LAC)

“In response to the invitation to you to propose candidates for my replacement as Regional Coordinator of FEBIC-LAC for the next 3-year period, the Regional Executive Committee (CER) of FEBIC-LAC received 6 nominations for the post along with CV´s before the 21 March deadline for the submission of the names of prospective candidates, namely:

Dr. Rebeca Cabrera Pinango, Venezuela, current FEBIC-LAC Coordinator for the Andean Zone.

Fr. Antonino Cepeda Salazar, Mexico, current FEBIC-LAC Coordinator for the Central America and Mexico Zone

Fr. Thomas Dynetius, Jamaica, ABP Archdiocesan Coordinator for the Kingston Archdiocese

Mr. Jhon Fredy Mayor Tamayo, Colombia, Specialist in Biblical Studies at Claretian University of Cali

Deacon Ignacio Medina Salinas, Paraguay, Executive Secretary for ABP, Paraguay Episcopal Conference (2011-2017)

Fr. Jesús Antonio Weisensee Hetter, Paraguay, FEBIC-LAC Regional Coordinator (2000-2005).

“Following a period of discussion of the qualities of the candidates and prayerful discernment at the Annual Meeting of the CER FEBIC-LAC in Havana, Cuba, 6-8 March, it was unanimously agreed that one candidate stood out as exceptionally qualified for the post, and that the name of that candidate be proposed to the Executive Committee of the Federation for Appointment as Regional Coordinator for the FEBIC-LAC region.

“The Executive Committee of the Federation will be meeting and will address the proposal and the follow up on the appointment of the new Coordinator.

“Many thanks indeed for your participation in the process, especially to those member institutions of FEBIC LAC who proposed candidates and to the candidates themselves for making themselves available for consideration for service of the Word of God in our region.

“In the Joy of the Gospel


Regional Coordinator FEBIC LAC


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