Scriptures enthroned at Brickdam Cathedral , Georgetown, Guyana

Catholic Standard Newspaper Report

As the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Brickdam began its feast day observances on December 8th last, the congregation also participated in the short but very moving ceremony of the Enthronement of the Book of the Gospels, a celebration to highlight the centrality of the Word of God in our lives.

Leading the entrance procession of the feast day Mass was Deacon Carl Philadelphia holding above his head a large book of the Gospels which was adorned with coloured ribbons.

Deacon Carl then slowly made his way on to the High Altar and placed the Book onto a decorated lectern prominently positioned on the altar.

Twenty members of the congregation carrying lit candles then made their way to the altar and placed their candles on tables around the lectern. After doing this they each read a short verse from the Gospels.

Inspired by Vatican II, Catholics are taught that Jesus is present in His Word (the Bible) just as He is present in the Eucharist.

Through this ceremony the Church shows its veneration toward God’s Word and its belief that Christ is present and speaking in a special way during the liturgical proclamation of the sacred texts.

Melcita Bovell, Catechist at the Cathedral and participant in the ABP Encounter 2-12 October in Trinidad y Tobago, sponsored by CEBITEPAL CELAM and the Antilles Episcopal Conference  adds:

 “I have had the chance to introduce Lectio Divina to just over 100 persons and I know that some groups do Lectio every time they meet. At our Feast Day on December 08, we enthroned the Bible in the Cathedral, the materials I had from you were critical to the success and Bishop said quite a bit on the enthroning and bible in his homily. Just over 30 persons, representing the various groups in the church brought up a candle each and read a scripture verse. We were able to print book markers with a scripture verse on one side and the seven step Lectio on the other. These were distributed to everyone present. We are trying to have ten thousand printed for distribution nationally.

Maria Diaz-James


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