WORK ON THE FIRST STUDY BIBLE IN PAPIAMIENTU, endorsed by the Ecumenical movement in the Netherland Antilles, including the Catholic Church, is all but complete. Hard copies of the Study Bible will be available by mid-2018 in the official language of Curacao and Aruba which is widely spoken and written in the Netherland Antilles, and the internet version should be available well before then, reports Gwendolyn Emmers, retired Roman Catholic teacher and theologian based in Curacao, who along with 3 other theologians were commissioned by the Bible Society of the Dutch Caribbean (Kas di Biebel) in Curacao to prepare the Study Bible.

The Catholic Church in the Netherlands Antilles is a founding member of the Ecumenical Curacao Council of Churches established in 1962 which includes the United Protestant Church, Methodists, Moravians, and Anglicans.

In his introduction in Papiamentu to the Study Bible, Bishop Luis Secco SDB of Willemstad hails it as the fruit of several years of committed cooperation between the Catholic and Protestant Churches, witnessing to how “The love of the Word of God unites us all” and an important complement to the 2014 Papiamentu Bible which for the first time integrated the Deuterocanonical Books into the Old Testament and not as appendices.

He adds that the Study Bible “contains many notes, explanations and information providing in-depth context to the text helping us to better understand the message of the Bible, the Word of God.



“It is my hope that the Papiamentu Study Bible will help the Catholic Faithful to a deeper study of Sacred Scripture so that it truly becomes light and inspiration for our lives and the lives of our community,” concludes Bishop Secco.

Gwendolyn Emmers, Catholic translator on the team, adds that the Study Bible is the fruit of a long history of the encounter between the Word of God and Papiamentu, noting that since 1882 translations of some Bible texts in Papiamentu have been in circulation according to the Bible Society of the Dutch Caribbean (Kas di Beibel) in Curacao and that her own involvement in the Study Bible project dates to its inception in 2009.

Attached is a sneak preview of the Luke’s Gospel in Papiamentu with introduction and accompanying study footnotes, and a videoclip of Gwendolyn reading the Parable of the Sowing of the Word of God in Papiamentu

Mike James

Papiamentu BPKEST – PDF evan. Lukas

A reading from Luke 8:4-8 from the Papiamentu Bible (BPK Beibel na papiamentu koriente).


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