We will continue to celebrate the YEAR OF THE WORD OF GOD in the Latin American continent and the Caribbean


Full of joy, we note that the suggestion to prolong the celebration of the Year of the Word of God, has had a significant echo and thus the response has been unanimous in wanting this year of grace to continue to be an encouragement, to continue deepening in the written word of the Lord, in such a way as to be able to recognize its voice, in the different circumstances and vicissitudes of life, to recognize its presence in the signs of the times, that we must live today.

Therefore, with deep emotion and full of hope, we confirm that We will continue to celebrate the YEAR OF THE WORD OF GOD in the Latin American continent andthe Caribbean, until the next Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Biblical Federation.

In such a way that, all the motivation and expectation made in order to value and prioritize the gift and grace of this ever-living Word may encourage us to continue looking to it as being food and sustenance, strength and inspiration, so that our communities may experience the centrifugal force that propels them to witness and to the proclamation of said Word. The extension of this time of grace motivates us all to continue searching together, both as a Church and as members of FEBIC LAC, that increasingly the written Word that we transmit, may be our spiritual food that allows us to live with greater radicality and commitment Biblical Animation of all Pastoral Life, a task that the Lord has entrusted to us.

We take this opportunity to greet you attentively, hoping that this time of grace will encourage us to continue probing the Scriptures to find Him, in whom and through whom we live, to recognize and serve him in the brothers that we have at our side.

We greet you with deep affection and esteem.


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