FEBIC LAC marked the history of pastoral life in Latin America

ONE YEAR LATER, now in the Year of the Word of God

of the things that the FEBIC LAC should be proud of is its history, since for the most part, it has always taken the lead to encourage, promote, disseminate and generate processes of encounter and reflection. LAC CBF marked the history of pastoral life in Latin America. We have emphasized this in some videos prior to the Rome Congress, they are a significant testimony of a lived history, and of a significant influence on the life of the Latin American Church.

FEBIC LAC. Stages s

FEBIC LAC. Stages 
1st Stage. 
2nd Stage. 
3rd. Stage 

            Febic 50 – FEBIC LAC. New times. New approaches, new mission.

Prior to Rome-2019, we could consider it as a time of preparation, of memories, of valuing what was done, looking at what has been done and reflected, as in turn proposed and what was done. Given the significance of what was to be held, even and despite not having financial resources, we managed to develop an audiovisual material (in addition to the written material) that synthesized visuallywho we are, what we were, what we achieved, what we are now experiencing And so we leave as a legacy of thisCoordination FEBIC LAC, a story thateveryone:

belongs to IMPERIOUS, see-reflect-value and thank: Commemorative video. FEBIC 50 / FEBIC LAC

This video aims to reflect the mystique that exists in the FEBIC LAC, beyond the fact that some do not ignore it (or do not value it) This reflects the vitality inherent in the proposal that we are carriers and in our deepest identity.

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